This is how ARKVID ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.

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If you are reading this, it means all of my efforts, the uploaders efforts, and the supporting users efforts have been exhausted. The day you read this my friends and fellow Anime lovers is the day that ARKVID has died. So in this final day of life, in this final day of its existence, let me tell you about ARKVID.

A few years ago a small group of friends had an idea. The idea was to create a streaming platform in which Anime was not encoded into garbage levels of quality, as it had existed at that point. As the sole programmer of the project, the only people allowed to upload were those select few who were close to me. We experimented with encoding settings until we came up with methods to give you the highest quality we could at the best file size. What we were doing was in our eyes and many of our users eyes, revolutionary. HD Anime had always existed, led by ripping groups and fan-sub groups (who deserve more support than they currently get); but no one had taken over the role of high quality streaming.

So after renting my first few boxes and a bit of experimentation, ARKVID was alive. The uploaders started doing all the ongoing and one or two people were doing backlog. There was a point where we did so much encoding that each uploader had their own dedicated encoding server. The amount of dedication we gave these few years was to the point of insanity. You see boys and girls, ARKVID was not some cheap code that you could buy for $120 off of some random website as many other streaming sites were. No, ARKVID was hand coded by me; Website, player, servers and all.

It’s safe to say that early on we took the Anime streaming community like wildfire. We grew so fast in fact, that in the first year alone we went through three new server configurations. At the pinnacle of ARKVID’s existence, we had over 350 sites linking to us, and over 14 million unique users every month. Seventy terabytes. At the height of success, the ARKVID servers uploaded over seventy terabytes a day. This my friends, was a feat so large and successful that everyone on the team gleamed with pride. We were the biggest and the best around, no question in our minds. As a little side note at one point we were using so much bandwidth, the datacenter we ran at actually threatened me with a 24-hour notice to either stop the severe bandwidth usage or upgrade to better servers located in their own rack. At our highest we were the kings of the Anime streaming world; But that would turn to be our biggest downfall.

So how did something so large and successful turn over and die? Well, in this day and age, the death of any service comes down to revenue. You see, when we started ARKVID the plan was to avoid what we refer to as “cancerous” advertisements. And that worked for some time as we had video pre-rolls from some of the largest ad networks. The revenue was enough to keep us alive with a little left over every month. Now I want to clarify something in regards to the revenue; never in the time ARKVID was alive did anyone on the team reap benefits. 90% of what ARKVID made went back into ARKVID itself. To sustain these levels of traffic required a lot of servers, and since advertisements only ever touched 15% of the traffic, revenue did not come in such a large quantity that many of you may believe that it did.

Around eight months ago ARKVID experienced a severe crackdown in advertisements. Simply put, no ad network wanted to place advertisements on the content that we were serving. This was a huge problem, as we could no longer afford to pay the servers we had for such a long time. And so we were forced to downscale and restructure the servers while I desperately attempted to find some method to keep ARKVID afloat. We tried many types of advertisements, but many of you run ad-blockers and the ads themselves were not great, I have to admit. ARKVID had started to fall.

During this same period in time the few uploaders that worked on ARKVID began to have a fallout with each other. In the end this resulted in a split that made many of our friends leave ARKVID. I cannot speak for the uploaders, but for me as the owner and creator, this was when I lost all happiness in the project I had started. My ideology, my way of thinking, had started to change. It went from treating setbacks as challenges to treating setbacks as another problem in the pile that had to be dealt with. In short, I was no longer happy working on ARKVID, in maintaining the giant beast that really gave me nothing in return other than knowing millions of people could stream our content.

On a side note, I don’t know if many of you remember long ago those few months that ARKVID was asking for donations. I thank the five people that donated and especially the one person that donated to me every month a small sum of five dollars. It was those small gestures that pushed me on to continue running ARKVID. The day that five-dollar month donation stopped however, I knew I had burned myself out. It’s ironic how these small things make us wake up and see the true reality of what we do.

Behind everything that happens in this world there is something behind it; and like the monolith that ARKVID was there was my glorious team of uploaders who spent countless hours every day of every week, month, and year ensuring you could all get the best encodes you could get. I want you to take into appreciation the efforts they went through, because although it was I who coded the beast, it was this group of individuals that really put down the footwork to raise up ARKVID to the icon it became. I want to thank everyone of the uploaders who worked on ARKVID, every single one, even those long gone, because you are all the true foundation that built ARKVID.

I do not wish to ask anything of the users other than to remember ARKVID and all it has done for Anime streaming; and that the next time someone takes our place please do support them, as it is getting more difficult as time goes by (due to obvious reasons). Please do not take the free service we do for granted. And remember to support the creators of the content buy buying those Anime that you truly love.


Thanks for all the great years, thank all the uploaders that did everything for you, and support the future.

And to all those who decide to follow the same path that I did,

Αυτός που με ακολουθεί δεν θα περπατάει στο σκοτάδι, αλλά θα έχει το φως τις ζωής.

Farewell and thank you all for these great few years,

April 2, 2016
Owner of ARKVID

I really hated the name ARKVID, but we couldn’t come up with anything better at the time.

If you wish to leave any sort of message regarding arkvid, even just to say hi, [email protected] can be emailed. I already got a few emails, thanks a lot guys.

If anyone would like to purchase ARKVID’s server code off of me, email me at [email protected] for the few days that my email server will still run. Serious offers only will be answered, and no actual content is for sale, only the code.